Who Are we?

Our Mission

The Mission of the Social Justice Collective at Millersville University is to provide a safe space for educators to share their lived experiences and to network with other educators in an effort to support social justice for all people. We envision a world where we embed social justice curriculum at all academic levels.

Guidelines for Engagement in Workshops and Affinity Groups:

  1. We commit to creating a safe space for all people to honestly share their lived experiences.
  2. We commit to supporting each other in our social justice journey, recognizing that we can be at varying levels of the process.
  3. We commit to sharing resources to help each other create socially just classrooms in the Commonwealth and beyond.
  4. We commit to being change agents who are part of the solution and not part of the problem. #IPledgeToBeBetter


Our Core Values

The Social Justice Collective at Millersville University values the Learning for Justice Social Justice Standards

  1. Identity Anchor Standards
  2. Diversity Anchor Standards
  3. Justice Anchor Standards
  4. Action Anchor Standards

Affinity groups are formed around a shared identity or common goal to build community among members of underrepresented/underserved groups and to foster inclusion and awareness in the broader university. Click here to read Millersville’s statement on affinity groups.  

This group was created by Dr. Jennie Burke and Dr. Miriam Witmer from the College of Education and Human Services at Millersville University  It was created in alignment with Millersville’s EPIIC values.